Great Britain

Great Britain
Редактор: Gilbert Jonathan P.
Издательство: Michelin, 2007 г.
Серия: Зеленые гиды
Жанр: Путеводители на английском языке
  • Научный редактор: Шукало Мстислав Матвеевич
  • Верстка: Завалищев Лев Ерофеевич
  • Оформитель: Зеркаленков Святослав Станиславович
  • Количество страниц: 664
  • Формат: pdf, txt, fb2

Описание к книге "Great Britain"
The long-standing Michelin Travel Guides are an ideal travel companion for travelers who really want to connect with the world. Get to know the local way of life through detailed background information on the country, people, and culture. Quickly identify the best places to visit using Michelin's star rating system. The best sites are highlighted on the sites map or you can follow a pre-planned driving tour. With the Michelin Travel Guide to Great Britain, examine a Bellini in Sir William Burrell's Glasgow art collection, queue to watch House of Commons proceedings in London, sit in for Choral Evensong at the Norman cathedral in Durham and cheer at a rugby game-the national sport-in Cardiff, Wales. Книга онлайн Great Britain.

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